Machine Learning Consulting | ML Consulting Service

Use your Data to make precise business decisions. Make sense of the huge amount of data by building smart Machine Learning models which can give you actionable business insights. Our ML experts can help build custom solutions for your specific needs.

Recommendation System

Recommendation Systems are used to make personalized recommendations of your Services Or Products to your users. Accurate recommendations lead to increased Customer Life Time Value & Customer engagement.

Churn prediction

It’s 20 times more cost effective to retain a existing customer than to find a new one. Detect customers who are likely to cancel a subscription or churn. Build retention strategies in a timely manner to retain the churn identified customers.

Customer Segmentation

Divide / Segment your customers into groups based on common characteristics.  Market to each group effectively and appropriately so as to maximize revenue & profits

We create customized customer segmentation plan based on individual business models & strategies.

Lifetime Value Optimization

Know the Number of Purchases a customer will make, in how much time will the customer becomes permanently inactive & the total monetary value of the customer.

We can predict the future value of existing customers based on known transaction history or predict future value of new customers who just made their first purchase

Dynamic Pricing

Price your product or service to maximize your revenue. Adjust pricing based on business costs to keep profit margins on a  certain level  or competitor based pricing based on your competitors prices or demand based pricing which increase or decrease prices based on consumer demand & dwindling supply

Credit Scoring

We can create custom credit scoring model by incorporating numerous internal & external of data sources. Data might include supplier information, account data, customer relationship or other market data.

These custom models tend to be more accurate than credit scores from bureaus.

Demand Forecasting

Estimate the probable future demand for your product or service. By known your demand you can plan your production or augment your service so as to maximize revenue potential & customer satisfaction