Crypto Bot Trading Free

Crypto Currency Trading Bot is one of the free open source Crypto trading bots. It supports the following exchanges:

  • Bittrex
  • Binance
  • Kraken

The features which make freqtrade stand out against other trading bots are

  • Python 3.6 – Python based making it OS independent , run it on Windows, macOS and Linux.
  • Dry-run Run trial runs (trading) without staking any money to perfect your bot
  • Backtesting Run your Buy / Sell Strategy in simulated mode
  • Machine Learning Strategy Optimization Use in built machine learning algorithms to optimize your Buy / Sell Strategy
  • Whitelist Crypto’s – Trade only the crypto currencies you want
  • Blacklist Crypto’s – List crypto’s you don’t want to trade in
  • Telegram – Interact with your bot by sending Start , Stop, Performance, Balance commands from Telegram
  • Get Profit / Loss in Fiat – Supports Profit / Loss display in 33 fiat currencies
  • Get Daily Summary – Get daily summary of Profit / Loss


If you can get Docker installed on your system then installing & running is a breeze. All you need is the following configuration for Docker Installation:


Windows Home:

Installing Docker:

  • Version 2004 or higher - Update your Windows to be Version 2004 or Build 19041 or higher
    • Press Windows logo key + R, type winver, select OK
    • In the pop up Check your Windows version
    • If its lower than 2004 then goto SettingsàWindows Update à Update to Version 2004
    • This will take a couple of hrs depending on your internet speed as it’s a major update

Enable Virtual Machine Platform

·         Press Windows logo key + S, type Powershell, Run as Administrator

·         Execute in Powershell:

dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:VirtualMachinePlatform /all /norestart

·         Restart Machine

Install crypto bot free

Enable WSL2:

Once you Machine restarts after enabling Virtual Machine Platform you need to set WSL 2 as default version

Execute :

wsl --set-default-version 2

You might see the message:

WSL 2 requires an update to its kernel component. For information please visit

Please goto & follow instructions to install Linux kernel for WSL 2

Install Linux Distribution:

Once WSL 2 is installed & enabled you will need to install Linux distribution from Microsoft Store

  • Click on or Press Windows logo key + S, type store & select Microsoft Store
  • Once in Microsoft Store search Linux

Install one of the Linux distribution:

Linux Distro WSL 2 Install

Click on Get

Install Ubuntu on Windows 10

First time you launch linux you will have set a User Name & Password:

free bitcoin trading bot

Check WSL version assigned to your Installed Linux with command:

wsl --list –verbose

It should have Version 2 against its name else execute the below command to set it to Version 2

wsl --set-version <distribution name> <versionNumber>

In the above case this will be

wsl --set-version Ubuntu-20.04 2

If you have trouble installing Linux or WSL please refer to this resource:

You should be all set now to install Docker!

Docker Install:

Install Docker crypto Bot
  • Double Click on Docker Desktop Installer.exe to install Docker
  • Ensure that Enable WSL 2 Features option is selected on the Configuration page.
  • Finish the tutorial of Docker
  • Install git from the link provided in Docker tutorial (as you will need this later)

Install Freqtrade:

  • Make Sure Docker is Up & Running
  • Execute Windows logo key + R, type cmd
  • Navigate to directory where you want freqtrade installed or create new directory by following below steps

mkdir ft_userdata

cd ft_userdata/

# Download the docker-compose file from the repository

curl -o docker-compose.yml


# Pull the freqtrade image

docker-compose pull


# Create user directory structure

docker-compose run --rm freqtrade create-userdir --userdir user_data


# Create configuration - Requires answering interactive questions

docker-compose run --rm freqtrade new-config --config user_data/config.json


That’s it you are good to Go!

For more detailed install instructions please visit :


Telegram Installation:

If you want to control your bot through Telegram then you will need to install it

Install Telegram by following instructions from this link:

Open config.json from directory ft_userdata\user_data\

Update the following:

“enabled”: true,

“token”: <enter token received while configuring telegram>

“chat_id”: <enter chat id received while configuring telegram>

You will need to have your bot in running status for your to be able to run it via Telegram

Once you have configured telegram do the following


docker-compose run --rm freqtrade trade --config user_data/config.json --strategy SampleStrategy

Launch Telegram
& select your Bot mine is named @satya_own_freqtrade_bot

Yay! Now you can
Start / Stop & control your Bot through Telegram remotely !!

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